May 18, 2021

Why is Israel so reckless Now?

Israel does not have an excuse to kill Palestinians. Every month of Ramadan, Israel kills Palestinians. It is their annual festival. So they are wrong to say that Israel can fire missiles because Hamas fired rockets. Israel did not stop its illegal settlement for a moment. Israel has never hidden a grand plan to extend its borders to the Nile River, the Jordan River, and the Euphrates River. Their helpless plan is to establish a greater Israel by occupying Iraq-Egypt-Saudi Arabia-Jordan and Syrian territories. Helpless, because Israel will never be safe unless the Arab states are dismantled

Israel must be barbaric to survive. They know full well that there is no lasting guarantee that the Arabs will be divided and ruled. The last few months have seen those signs. On the one hand, there is unity between China, Russia, Iran and Turkey. The Saudi alliance and Egypt want to settle disputes with Turkey and Iran. On the other hand, the economic decline of the United States is visible, and the country is terribly divided politically for the sake of Trump.

After World War I, Britain and the United States occupied the Arab territories of the Ottoman Empire. They appointed two guards to control the occupied territories and the newly discovered oilfields and the Suez Canal, the artery of world trade. Saudi Arabia and Israel were born almost simultaneously. Breaking this colonial twin pair is the main condition for peace in the Middle East. Already cracks visible

America's umbrella is leaking and oil-dependent Saudi Arabia is trying to diversify its economy. Investing in industries and businesses of different countries. The world is also trying to get out of oil dependence for fear of climate change. They now need peace to deal with the failure of the aggression in Yemen and the blockade of Qatar. And when peace comes, the US-Israeli arms market will shrink. As well as economically, how can the US help Israel with trillions of dollars a year in fees? In addition, the Russians-Chinese-Turks are sharing in the Israeli arms market. Rockets fired by Hamas show that there is a hole in the defense of Israel's famous Iron Dome. Hamas fired 90 rockets at the Iron Dome, hitting at least 10 Palestinian missiles.

Although world public opinion is more anti-Israel than ever before, Zionism is reckless. These are signs of weakness. Because they know, time is short. They must at least liberate at least the whole of Jerusalem and crush the dream of an independent Palestine before any change can take place in the Sino-Russian world or the center of world power. So those who say that Israel is reckless at the instigation of Hamas; They are making a mistake in measuring the bottom of the ditch. Zionism is forced to resort to violence to achieve its pre-declared goals.

The fear of the Zionists is in their stomachs. Israel's Arab and Muslim population is currently 20 percent. They cannot join the Israeli army. In 40 years, Arab, Muslim and anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox Jews will reach half of the population. Why half of the population, even 20 percent, cannot be disenfranchised in any democratic way. Israel therefore cannot remain Zionist and democratic at the same time.
. No party has won a majority in four consecutive elections in two years. Sustainable coalitions are not being formed. They need war to cover this state failure, they need politics of hatred. Prime Minister Netanyahu has sacrificed the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its guards to prevent political collapse.

When the Zionists broke up the Ottoman Empire in 1947 and established Israel by force, they said the old would die and the young would be forgotten. But it did not happen. For 60 years, the Palestinians have been using blood to prevent Jerusalem and the Arab lands from being completely destroyed. Gaza in 2014 and Lebanon in 2008 have shown that their genocide cannot be stopped. But the resisting Arabs alone cannot be victorious. They need the gap in the middle of the signs of shifting the center of gravity of world power. (Shortened)

Farooq Wasif - writer and journalist

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