May 19, 2021

Netanyahu is not heeding the international call for a ceasefire


Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli police during a protest near Ramallah in the West Bank yesterday. Many were injured. Meanwhile, a rocket fired by Hamas killed two foreign workers in Israel yesterday. Despite diplomatic efforts to end the conflict between the two sides, it has not yielded any results so far.

During a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, US President Joe Biden called for a ceasefire. But despite his call, Israeli attacks on Palestine continue.

French President Emmanuel Macho has also taken steps to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. France has submitted a draft resolution calling for a ceasefire to the UN Security Council. France has taken this initiative in coordination with Egypt and Jordan.

The UN General Assembly is scheduled to meet next Thursday to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The decision of this meeting of the General Assembly is known in the diplomatic efforts to stop the conflict. Earlier, the UN Security Council met on Sunday to discuss the issue. However, the meeting ended with a call for an end to the conflict due to US objections.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his campaign will continue for as long as it takes for the Israelis to restore peace. According to Netanyahu, Israel’s nine-day bombing of Gaza has left Hamas with a long way to go.

Israel claims that at least 150 “terrorists” have been killed in their attacks in Gaza. However, Hamas did not provide any information on the number of members of the group killed in the Israeli attack..

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