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Thousands of Portuguese protest against Israeli attacks


Thousands of Portuguese have protested in Portugal against Israel’s indiscriminate airstrikes and rocket attacks on Gaza and the killing of innocent Palestinians. Expatriate Bangladeshis also participated in it. A mass demonstration and rally was organized on behalf of the Palestinians at the call of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers […]

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Why is Israel so reckless Now?

Israel does not have an excuse to kill Palestinians. Every month of Ramadan, Israel kills Palestinians. It is their annual festival. So they are wrong to say that Israel can fire missiles because Hamas fired rockets. Israel did not stop its illegal settlement for a moment. Israel has never hidden […]

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Trump v Biden: Who will win over stressed-out parents?

Faced with working full-time and managing my five-year-old’s online learning, I shelled out $20,000 for a private, outdoor kindergarten. This is indicative of America’s much bigger childcare crisis. When I looked at my daughter’s remote kindergarten schedule a few days before the first day of school, I nearly cried. The […]

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