October 7, 2020

PUBG Mobile Coming Back in India? PUBG – AirTel Deal? Jobs In PUBG

PUBG Mobile Coming Back in India? PUBG - AirTel Deal? Jobs In PUBG

PUBG Mobile Coming Back in India? PUBG – AirTel Deal? Jobs In PUBG🔥🔥🔥

PUBG Mobile is being distributed and published by Tencent Games in IndiaPUBG Mobile is looking for ways to come back to India, which is one of its largest user bases in the world. As per a company statement, the firm has announced that it will “no longer authorise the PUBG Mobile franchise to Tencent Games in India.

PUBG Mobile publishing is expected to move to India in the coming days. 
PUBG Mobile May Come Back in India as It Breaks Ties With Tencent- Pic Credit: thequint

PUBG Mobile is intellectual property owned and developed by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean gaming company.

It can decide to establish the publishing platforms in select territories which is why it is proposing to moving its publishing to India. This will help the game comply with the government’s policies and security concerns.

The government has blocked 118 mobile apps (including PUBG Mobile) which it said are “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order”.

PUBG owner now talking to Airtel to bring back PUBG Mobile to India- Pic Credit: indiatoday

India is a crucial market for some of the biggest tech companies operating globally. Which is why after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile, the consequences seem poor. According to a survey, the global downloads of PUBG dipped by over 26 per cent in September, owing to the ban in India. Once the top contributor to app charts, PUBG Mobile has moved down in the position ladder but the company is determined to bring it back. Reportedly, PUBG Corporation, based in Korea, is talking to Bharti Airtel for the distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India.

Entrackr reports, citing a source privy to the development, that PUBG is in an “early conversation” with Airtel over handing out the distribution rights of the uber-hit battle royale PUBG Mobile in India. “The gaming platform is also busy in raising a lean team in India. It has been interviewing candidates with experience of under 4 to 6 years,” the source told the publication. The fresh development comes against the backdrop of the Korean company’s discussions with Reliance-owned Jio Platforms, which, according to the publication, have been shelved for good.

PUBG promoters in talks with Airtel to bring back PUBG Mobile to India
PUBG promoters in talks with Airtel to bring back PUBG Mobile to India- pic Credit: businesstoday

PUBG Corporation is deeming the ban an unfortunate move — it even broke its deal with China’s Tencent over distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India after New Delhi banned the app over security concerns. The ban was largely focused on the ownership of the PUBG Mobile app, which, then, belonged to Tencent, which is a China-based conglomerate. India’s tussle with China over the border episode eventually ended up impacting the app ecosystem of India, wherein a large number of Chinese apps were booted between June and August.

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