October 30, 2020

100+ Best Diwali Wishes messages and Greetings


Happy Diwali Wishes

“May this Diwali, Come up with Beautiful Beginning, Fresh Hope, Bright Days and New Dreams. Wishing You a Happy Diwali”

“May the millions of lamps of Diwali illuminate your life with happiness,  joy, peace & health. Wish you and your family a very prosperous Diwali.”

Best Happy Deepavali Wishes Quotes Images

“May the Festival of Lights, Full Your Life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.”

Happy Diwali Wishes

“Wishing that this Diwali brings prosperity to your business and more opportunities for us to work together!”

Best Diwali Wishes Images

“May the lights of Diwali Diyas fill your home with wealth, happiness, and everything that Brings You Joy! I wish you and your entire family a very very Happy Diwali!”

Diwali Wishes For Family

“Wishes You a Very Happy, Bright and Prosperous Diwali!”

Happy Deepavali HD Wallpaper Images Photo

“Wish you all a Very Very Happy Diwali and Hope that Every Person Transform from the Darkness to the Happiness.”

Diwali Wishes

“Sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets. House full of diyas & heart full of joy.”― We Wish You A Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes

“Celebrating light, hope and goodness around the world.” ― Happy Diwali

happy diwali wishes images

“Light over darkness, hope or despair, and victory of good in the world.” ― Happy Diwali

Happy Deepavali Diwali Images

“Shine like sparkles, glow like candles and burn all the negativity like crackles. Wish you all a very lovely & cheerful Diwali”

Happy Diwali Wishes

“May the festival of lights Illuminate your future.” ― Warm Diwali Wishes

Warm Diwali Wishes

“May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year.” ― Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Wishes

“Red, blue, green, yellow; not one but all are my favorite. And the most favorite one is the bright colorful lamp of Diwali. Wish you a very colorful & bright Diwali”

Happy Diwali Wishes Images Photos

“May the brightness of shimmering lanterns always stay in your life & make you bright;”

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes Photos

“A festival full of sweet memories, a sky full of fireworks, a mouth full of sweets, a house full of diyas and a heart full of enjoyment.” ― Happy Deepawali

beautiful diwali images Quotes

Happy Diwali Wishes In Hindi

दीयों से रोशन हो आपके घर द्वार,
खुशियाँ आये बार — बार,
सफलता हर दम करे आपका इन्तजार,
शुभकामनाओं सहित मनाओ दिवाली का त्योंहार…

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दिवाली पर्व है खुशियों का,

उजालों का, लक्ष्मी का,

इस दिवाली आपकी जिंदगी ख़ुशीयों से भरी हो,

दुनियां उजालों से रोशन हों,

घर पर माँ लक्ष्मी का आगमन हों….

|| Happy Diwali ||

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आज से आपके यहाँ धन की बरसात हो,

माँ लक्ष्मी का वास हो, संकटों का नाश हो,

हर दिल पर आपका राज हो,

उन्नति का सर पर ताज हो,

घर में शांति का वास हों…

|| Happy Diwali ||

Happy Diwali Messages For WhatsApp or Facebook

Aaj se aap ke yaha dhan ki barsat ho,
Maa laxmi ka vas ho,
Sankatto ka nash ho har dil par aapka raj ho,
Unnati ka sar par taj ho ghar me shanti ka vas ho

Deep jalte jagmagate rahe
Dua mein hum aapke yaad aate rahe
Jab tak zindagi hai..
Dua hai hamari aap chand sitaroon ke tarah jagmagate rahe
||Divali ki Shubhkamnayein ||

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Deepawali ka ye pawan tyohar,

Jeevan mein laye khushiya aapar.
Laxmi ji viraje aapke dwar,
Subhkamnayen hamari karen sweekar!!
Wish u & ur family happy diwali..

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Diwali parva hai khushio ka,

Ujalo ka, laxmi ka….

Iss Diwali apki Zindagi khushiyon se bhari ho,

Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,

ghar par maa laxmi ka aagman ho…

|| Happy Diwali ||

Deepon ki tarah tum sada jagmagaate raho,
Lakshmi ji ka aashirwaad paate raho,
Meri hai yeh shubhkaamna tumhe,
Ki tum hamesha yu hi muskurate raho!!
Shubh deepawali….

Happy Diwali Messages

Let the celebration of this Diwali bring endless joy to your life. May you have a wonderful year ahead full of new success and achievements!

May the light of million fireworks enlighten your way for the rest of your life. Light up the candles and let the divine celebration begin!

Let the colors of this holy night decorate your life with peace, prosperity and success. I wish you an unforgettable Diwali this year!


May this auspicious occasion brighten up your life with happiness, joy, and peace. Happy Diwali. Enjoy this beautiful festive to your fullest.

May the brightness of Diyas enlighten your world with endless hopes and inspiration. May this Diwali bring good health and good times for you and your family!

May the divine and beautiful lights of Diwali lamps illuminate and brighten up your life with nothing but success, peace, and prosperity. Happy Diwali.

Let yourself be seeped away by the joy this divine festival has brought once again. Forget your problems, for they will vanish before the happiness of this Diwali!

Light up your world with the brightness of a thousand Diyas. Be overwhelmed by the eternal blessings this Diwali has brought for all of us!

In the festive of lights, I wish your life becomes joyful and luminous as the lights flickering on the lamps. Happy Diwali! Eat lots of sweets and have fun with fireworks and crackers.

Diwali Wishes for Her

Darling, sending you warm greetings of Diwali. Eat all the wonderful dishes without worrying about the weight you are about to gain and enjoy every moment. I love you so much.

May the colors of Diwali add a new dimension to your life and make sure to guide you in your darkest days. I wish you a happy Diwali, sweetheart. I love you more than anymore or anything.


Happy Diwali and Happy New Year, love. I am praying to God to bless you and help you to fulfill every dream of yours. May you always glitter up in life like the fireworks up in the sky. Love you.

On this holiday season, I hope you will enjoy the moments rather than worrying about everything. Stop stressing out and live your life at its best. Happy Diwali! I love you more than yesterday.

Sweetheart, may this Deepavali be good to you and bless you with grace, joy, and strength to deal with every evil thought in the upcoming year. I love you so much, thanks for everything!

Diwali Wishes for Friend

May this Diwali add new colors to your life and bring lights into your life. I am always here for you, my friend. Happy Diwali.

I hope this Diwali vanishes all your worries and makes you happier than ever. Dear friend, thanks for being the light of my life and guiding me always. Happy Diwali, I love you so much.

May this Diwali cheer you with all its attraction. Consume sweets and fire up all the firecrackers but stay safe! I miss you every day. Have a blessed Diwali, friend. Love you.

Celebrate this festival of victory with happiness, sweets, and lights. May this auspicious festival bring you peace and prosperity in life. Have a happy and great Diwali!

Hope the blessings of Diwali protect you from every harm throughout the upcoming year. Wishing you and your family a joyful and prosperous Diwali! May God always bless you.

May the upcoming year help you fulfill your dreams and provide you with all that brings you joy. Enjoy the festival, and make wonderful memories. Love you!

Among the largest firework display and beautiful display of lamps and rangoli, Diwali isn’t complete with your loved ones. Whether you are there with them in person or not, wishing your dear ones a happy Diwali will convey your love and regards you hold for them. Even though food plays a central role along with crackers in the modern era, if you don’t wish your beloved ones on this beautiful festival, the Deepawali will not feel like it, trust me. So, don’t hesitate to tell them how lucky you are to cross paths with them in this lifetime and how much you love them with all your heart. Have a great Diwali with your family and friends. May your Diwali get as spectacular as it was for on the return of Lord Ram and his wife Seta.

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Sources: medium .com, yourselfquotes .com, wishesmsg .com

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