November 5, 2020

US presidential election still in limbo: Live news

US presidential election still in limbo: Live news

Vote counting continues in several close states that hold the key to victory for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

  • Americans continue to watch and wait to see who will be declared the winner of Tuesday’s presidential election.
  • Currently, Biden is projected to have won 264 electoral votes, Trump 214, and 270 are needed to win.
  • Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are still counting ballots and winners have not been projected in those states.
  • Arizona has been projected for Biden, but as the count continues there, his lead has shrunk.

Trump says campaign will legally challenge “Biden claimed states”

Trump threatens more legal challenges to results in a handful of states, claiming – without any evidence – that voter fraud has been committed in places where  Biden appears to have won.

“All of the recent Biden claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud,” Trump wrote in a tweet, without listing specific states or examples of alleged fraud.

The post was flagged by Twitter as citing potentially misleading information.

Peaceful protests in Philadelphia as vote count continues

Hilary Beaumont sent this report from Pennsylvania

Small crowds gathered in Philadelphia early Thursday morning outside the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where election workers began their third day of scanning ballots.

A DJ played for one group of protesters, who danced while asking for every vote to be counted, while across the street a smaller group were calling on officials to stop counting votes received after Election Day, echoing a Trump campaign request to the US Supreme Court. The demonstrations followed a peaceful march in favour of counting every vote on Wednesday evening, organised by unions and Black Voters Matter.

On Thursday morning Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by about 176,000 votes, but the race has narrowed considerably from his lead of about 675,000 early Wednesday morning. The reason is mail ballots, which skew Democrat. By law, Pennsylvania officials could not start counting mail ballots until Election Day. There are still hundreds of thousands of mail ballots uncounted.

As protests continued, the Trump campaign legal team held a press conference in front of the convention centre to display a court ruling allowing them to observe the ballot counting process. “We are planning to enter that building right now,” campaign lawyer Pam Bondi told reporters before she and the Trump team walked into the building.

Arizona officials say 375K ballots still to be counted

Arizona state officials say there are 375,000 ballots still to be counted in the Western battleground.

The Associated Press has called the presidential race in Arizona for Biden.

Biden holds a 2.35 percentage point lead over Trump in Arizona, an advantage of about 68,000 votes.

The vast majority of the ballots yet to be counted are from Maricopa County, the most populous area of the state.

California Prop 22 rewrites road map for gig workers’ rights

While ballots are still being counted in California, the pro-Prop 22 campaign – which lobbied California voters to pass a law that lets them keep classifying app-based drivers as independent contractors – is significantly ahead with 58 percent of the vote, marking the beginning of the end of the most expensive and closely watched ballot operation in California’s history.

Trump again seeks to stop the counting of votes

With Biden edging closer to victory, Trump reiterated that he wants the vote counting to stop, tweeting on Thursday morning: “STOP THE COUNT!”

It is important to note that elections – including the decisions to count ballots – are run by individual state, county and local governments. And Trump’s comments have no impact on the tallying of votes across the country.

Biden’s path to victory much wider than Trump’s

With 264 electoral votes called for Joe Biden, he is on the verge of capturing enough electoral votes to be projected the winner.

Slim margins separate Donald Trump and Biden in the remaining states’ vote counts and a Biden victory in any one of those states, except Alaska, would put him over the 270 vote threshold needed.

The key remaining states are Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Georgia (16 electoral votes), North Carolina (15 electoral votes) and Nevada (six electoral votes). If Biden wins one of those, he will hit 270 or above.

Trump is currently at 214 electoral votes and would need a combination of those. He is expected to win Alaska, the other uncalled state, which has three electoral votes.

Trump backers hold out hope for Arizona

The Associated Press news agency and Fox News projected Joe Biden as the winner of Arizona on election night, but other US media did not.

Now, as the vote count continues and Biden’s lead shrinks a bit – he holds a 68,000-vote lead with 86 percent of the count in – Trump supporters are holding out hope that the Biden projection was made in error. Al Jazeera’s Patrick Strickland reports from Arizona.


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